Our Promise To You

Direct Debit Payment

Our membership fees can be paid by monthly direct debit, a popular and easy method of payment. The key points of our direct debit scheme are below and we would ask you to take a moment to read them. Feel free to ask a member of staff for clarification on any of the points below.

  1. Ocean Fitness is a certified direct debit originator, registered with the Irish Payment Services Organisation (IPSO)
  2. Direct debit payments will only be taken from a current account, we cannot collect payments from savings, deposit or credit card accounts
  3. Direct Debits are taken by Ocean Fitness in the name of Ralerno Hotels Ltd - this is the name that will be shown on your bank statements
  4. Direct Debit payments are collected on a monthly basis unless you are advised otherwise in writing
  5. Direct Debit payments will be collected on the 25th of each month, or the closest possible date in the case of the 25th being on a weekend or bank holiday
  6. Correspondence from Ocean Fitness will only be sent to one person from a Couple or Family membership
  7. In the case of a couple or family membership, the monthly Direct Debit payment can only be collected from one account
  8. Direct debits do not run for a specified number of months, they remain in place until they are stopped in writing. We recommend that you do this by email directly to us.
  9. Amendments or cancellations of direct debit payments must be made via email to us, verbal amendments or cancellations will not be accepted
  10. Unlike other clubs, Ocean Fitness does not tie you into a twelve month contract and allows you to cancel your direct debit by giving 30 days written notice, after an initial minimum period of not less than 3 months. All of our memberships are offered on an annual basis however, so because of this, a joining fee will apply to direct debit memberships to prevent abuse of our cancellation policy.
  11. From February 25th 2013, a charge of €5 will be incurred by you when a direct debit payment fails to be collected from your account. This is a charge that the bank places on us each time we fail to collect a payment and we encourage you to avoid having to pay it by ensuring that you have sufficient funds in your account on the 25th of each month.